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We strive to find optimal solutions for each distressed/insolvent company, by applying a suitable strategy from the economic, management and legal stand point, meant to cope with the crisis situations and to finally lead to saving the company and/or to maximizing the income obtained by liquidating the debtor’s assets.

The 20 years of experience help our specialists take efficient measures and provide quality service.

ROVIGO SPRL is specialized in:

Insolvency prevention procedures according to 85/2014 Law, namely: arrangement procedure and ad-hoc mandate, for the purpose of saving the distressed companies and allow them to continue their activity, preserve the jobs, cover debts by renegotiating the amounts or the debts conditions, or by signing a preventive arrangement;

Judicial restructuring, benefiting from a wide expertise in distressed companies’ recovery from the financial standpoint, according to the requirements of the Romanian market and business environment;

Judicial and voluntary liquidation, by liquidating the assets, maximizing the debtor’s wealth, in order to satisfy all creditors.

Debt recovery.

As part of our activity of trade companies’ judicial administration and voluntary/judicial liquidation, we deal with the debt recovery aspect.

We managed to recover between 35 and 50% out of the due amount.

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