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Nicoleta Grigorescu
Nicoleta Grigorescu Consultant-former judge at Curtea de Apel Bucuresti

Has graduated from the Faculty of law, within the University of Bucharest, class 1982.

Since 1994, during 18 years, she followed a judiciary career as a prosecutor as well as a judge, specialized in causes related to economic-financial criminality and coruption. She entered in the advocacy field in 2012, being a member of the Bucharest Bar.

“My orientation to advocacy came naturally, after almost 20 years of magistracy, period during which I formed as a professional and I accumulated an extensive professional experience, focused mainly in criminal law” ,declared lawyer Nicoleta Grigorescu.

In criminal law, her expertize area of expertise is aimed especially by crimes such as office abuse, money laundering, bankruptcy, fraud, corruption crimes, accesing European Funds, tax evasion, and among the Law Firm’s clients are both individual persons and legal persons.

She considers that each person in entitled to a fair trial and to an efficient defence. “There are no cases already lost, because the fight is taking to the end.” said lawyer Grigorescu. In her opinion, a lost case is not just a professional failure, but also a personal one.

“In consideration of clients loyalty and absolut priority of their interests, the assigned cases are managed from the beginning until their finalization with maximum attention, confidentiality and professionalism”, mentioned mrs. Lawyer.


Litigation in criminal law, such as:

- legal assistance and representation during the criminal investigation conducted by the Police officers and the Prosecutor’s office
- legal assistance and representation in front of the Courts, in all jurisdiction degrees
- legal assistance and representation during the investigation conducted by the Anti-Fraud Department within the OLAF

Consultancy regarding the prevention as well as the risks related to entering in the field of criminal illicit.

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